Raised in a record store, I was selling headphones and records before the age of five. My father turned it into a video store in the early 80's; one of the first in the nation. My earliest memories from childhood are built on both sound and cinema.

I've since a produced television shows for USA and IFC, award winning short films and a hundred or so broadcast commercial advertisements. After returning to school for a Masters in Business Administration, I started MAKE + MODEL, a creative studio specializing in broadcast campaigns and content for national and international brands.

I pride myself in building lasting relationships with clients and artists striking a delicate balance between the advertising business and the creative.

I am a member of the Directors Guild of America. My career includes producing credits with the following directors and artists:

Simon McQuoid, Christopher Guest, David Mamet, Randall Einhorn, Andrew BeckerJosh & ZanderPhil Griffin, Peter Darley Miller, Danny Ducovny, Gentlemen, Jeff Tomsic, Claire Cottrell, Daniel GarciaMelissa Silverman, Steve Fuller, Brett Simon, Brett Froomer, David Dobkin, James Frey, Lisa Cholodenko, David Horowitz, Goetz Brothers, Olivier Gondry, David Rosenbaum, Tim HamiltonMalerie Marder, Jeff MintonNeil Tardio Jr., Pam Thomas, Caitlin Felton, Richard Sears, Warren KushnerJason Goldwatch, Marcus Clarke, Marcos Zavitsanos, Russell Bates, Tyler Spindel, Doug Nichol, Matthew Welch, Robert Ascroft, Javier Aguilera, Andrew Christou, Bob Purman, Joe Nussbaum, Stephen Kessler, Rosey, Lester Perkins, George Cawood, Dan Milano, Spencer Chinoy and Sean Baker.


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